See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me

Nature is the best inspiration. I started thinking about designing totes when I couldn't find a simple, unadorned, logo-free bag to carry around my notes, samples, and other miscellany. But what really got me inspired was the discovery of baby hair calf. These skins are completely natural and one-of-a-kind. No dyes. No fake coloring. And no two are alike. The fine hairs are incredibly tiny and soft. So soft it leaves people speechless. The Thurston Tote is the bag that makes people stop you on the street to ask where you got it (that's even before they feel it!). And that's exactly what happens nearly every day when I'm at Urth Caffé waiting in line for my daily Spanish Latte fix. Hand-crafted by local artisans in L.A. and lined in ultra-premium Italian red suede, the Thurston Tote is available in both natural and spotted Baby Hair Calf, Anaconda, and Napa leather. Thurston Tote, from $695,

Day Tripping

The Sharyn Bag was designed from the bottom up, literally. It all started with a chance encounter with Luis, a guy I met at Casas Brancas in Buzios who has his very own stone mine. I had been carrying around one of my sketches of a silver rope-edge rivet, and wanted to find a natural stone for the setting. When Luis showed me his agate stones which were polished to a brilliant sheen and cut to the size of a pea, I saw my sketch come to life. These became the "feet" of the Sharyn Bag and the rest is history. The Sharyn Bag comes in chocolate or black Caiman Crocodile, and matte or glazed Anaconda. Aside from being hand-crafted locally and having those amazing agate feet, it also has a natural petrified wood zipper pull, and a multitude of pockets so you never have to dig around for your cell phone again. Sharyn Bag, from $1,200,

Clutch It

The Francke Clutch is perfect when you just want to grab your cell phone, keys, and your credit card. Who wants to lug around a giant bag that is virtually empty? When I was in Rio searching for materials, I noticed that none of the women in Ipanema carry the giant bags you see on the streets in L.A. What are they carrying? Chic little clutches, whether they are off to an aprés-beach power lunch at Gero or sipping Caipirhinas at Zaza Bistro. The Francke is entirely made by hand and is available in Caiman Crocodile, Glazed Anaconda, Lizard, or Baby Hair Calf. The silk stitching was inspired by the details used on Brazilian and Argentine artisanal crafts. My favorite du jour is the Glazed Anaconda in Silver - I love the sheen of the skin, and it goes with virtually any outfit or color. Francke Clutch, from $600,

kelly locke Handbag Launch

kelly locke handbags and accessories have arrived! This understated collection of totes, day bags and clutches is entirely made by hand in L.A. using stunning exotics such as anaconda, caiman crocodile, lizard, baby hair calf, and premium leathers. Nearly two years were spent traveling throughout South America to source materials, and finding the best local artisans in L.A. to craft each piece to last a lifetime.

I created this line for people like me: stylish, sophisticated world travelers who want to carry something that is a reflection of themselves, rather than loudly advertise what brand they are wearing. The kelly locke customer has a closet filled with designer clothes, shoes, and bags. Yet she wants to start cultivating a wardrobe that is more personally curated, and less influenced by trends.

The kelly locke collection is available in L.A. at On Sunset, Inno, Avedon, Montage Beverly Hills, and Interiéurs.